B.Comm (Marketing & Hosp.Man) | UNSW

Certified Master Coach | BCI London

About Me

Strategist | Consultant | Mentor

I’ve been in the trenches, I get business, I get what it takes to own, manage and run businesses, I get staff, operations, profits and marketing, I understand cash flow and budgets and I know that business isn’t easy.

Rewarding, constantly changing, challenging, yes; but easy, no.

I’ve started my own businesses; I’ve bought and sold businesses and I’ve owned and operated businesses of all sizes for over 25 years. My businesses have spanned 2 countries; Australia and Hong Kong and include 10 years of strategic marketing consulting.

Enough about me – how can I help YOU?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a huge range of clients from¬†micro and small businesses to public companies, from those in pre start-up to other businesses established for over 30 years.

I have worked with clients across wholesale, retail, industrial, eCommerce, B2B, B2C, import/export and service providers in a vast range of industries including but not limited to; financial services, tech, consulting services, engineering, industrial, construction, beauty, fashion, homewares.

I don’t specialise in industry sectors, instead, I choose to specialise in Entrepreneurially led businesses.

My Values

I love communication and people – I love to work with clever, interesting and interested people.

I believe that nothing in business has really changed over time – businesses still develop, and sell products or services for a profit or beneficial gain.

What has changed are the myriad tools available, the levels of competition, and the “smarts” behind all that we do.

Strategy and experience are now, more important, than ever before.

Every.single.thing we do in life and business comes down to the connections we make with others; our family, our friends, our clients, suppliers and our acquaintances.

Whether online or offline, connection is the glue that drives us all.

When you master connection, so too do you master success.

Business and marketing never need to be complex.

Clever and strategic – yes but complex, no.

To strip every decision to its core is the clearest pathway to success.

Have the courage to try.

Have the conviction to follow through.

Have the humility to admit your mistakes and take responsibility.


Because life is this enormous huge, brilliant gift and EVERYTHING is there to be enjoyed.

Live it, love it and laugh a lot.

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