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How I can help you

I get it – business can be lonely and VERY overwhelming sometimes.


Have you spent countless dollars and endless hours on online courses looking for “the answers” only to never complete (or perhaps even start) them?

Have you joined multiple Facebook groups and masterminds, only to be shot down in flames every time you ask questions of people who have not walked a day in your shoes?

Are you tired of trying so hard to do it all on your own, even if you do have staff and a great family support network?

How much easier would business be with a mentor, a guide, an experienced supporter by your side?

Marketing without strategy is simply activity without purpose and who has time for that?


With infinite marketing avenues available and so much noise in the marketing world, understanding the what, where, who, why and when of your business and your marketing is critical to your success.

But – how do you do those things if marketing isn’t your bag?

Wouldn’t you love to work with a strategic marketer who can drill down to the very essence of your business to deliver a simple, tailored step by step plan for your entire marketing and communications suite to grow your sales and your market share and allow you reach your business goals (even if  you don’t “get” marketing.)?

Need a new or upgraded website? Need to upgrade your brand or your communications suite?


Do you have the time, staff, contacts, resources and knowledge to finish the project? Do you even know where to start?

Are you nervous that you will have to learn to speak “fluent tech”?

SO MANY opportunities and SO MUCH potential growth and profit are lost to entrepreneurs who know what they need to do but simply can’t or won’t do it. How many dollars are you leaving on the table by putting your critical marketing projects off?

Would you like to avoid the stress, the angst, the guilt and the overwhelm and simply have the project completed?

What to expect

As your Mentor

→ I’ll work closely with you to expand your business and your ideas, to challenge you, to be a sounding board and to skyrocket your confidence and your expertise.

As your Strategic Marketer

→ I’ll work with you and your team to understand your market, your message, your goals and your missing marketing pieces. Together, we’ll create your entire marketing & communications program, so that you can attract your perfect customers, and explode your sales and your profits.

As your Project Manager

→ I will work on your behalf, directly with the web agency or designer to brief, start, follow through and complete your critical marketing project whilst you get on with your business. Whether you’ve started the project and don’t have time to finish it or if you are too overwhelmed to even think about it, your project will be delivered on time and on budget without any stress and without disrupting your day to day business.

What others say

Within a very short time, Fleur identified key aspects of our business that created our USP giving us focus and alignment in our marketing strategy. Her manner is uplifting and absolutely awesome to work with.

Absolutely heads and shoulders above any other marketing adviser/strategist/consultant we’ve ever worked with. Thanks so much, Fleur, you are amazing!!

Bruce French
Epona Co

Fleur has a raft of innovative and energetic content and ideas to help small businesses succeed, and her contribution to the getting the knowledge-bank for wholesalers and retailers started, was invaluable.

I also found her great fun and uplifting to work with.

Omer Soker

Fleur is an absolute ray of sunshine, and a real delight to work with. 

Her professionalism and expertise are inspiring, her approach is warm, and her Marketing knowledge is comprehensive across all fascets of a business.

Christopher Melotti
Melotti Media

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